Beacon Hospice strives to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of patients and family members who share the emotional trauma of a terminal illness. Harbor Hospice is committed to educate the community and increase awareness of the hospice concept of care among medical professionals, lay persons, clergy and those in need of a compassionate approach of care:

  • We are committed to delivering professional, caring services for our patients and their families

  • We treat every patient and family member with the dignity, honor and respect they deserve, without regard to race, color, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, national origin, or ability to pay

  • We honor the wishes of the patient and the family

  • We are committed to educating the community about the sensitive needs of our patients

  • We believe our work is sacred and we strive to ensure each patient and their family receives the utmost care

As a result of the commitment made to our patients, and our desire to continue to serve and support our families, the Bereavement Program is available to all of the friends and families of Beacon Hospice. Beacon Hospice offers several different avenues of support at no additional charge.

We truly believe, and research also shows, that support groups can be extremely valuable in the grieving process. Our intent is to bring individuals together who are making their way through the grief journey, in hope that support, strength and encouragement can be gained by being with others who have also lost a loved one. We know that life is busy, but we hope that you will consider joining us.

Beacon Hospice….where compassion never ends.

Who is Beacon Hospice

Beacon Hospice is much more than a place. We are devoted to giving each family a gift when they need it most...quality of life for our patients when they are facing life's greatest challenge.

At Beacon Hospice our commitment to excellence is reflected in our core values. Conveying these values throughout the organization with excitement and passion by word and action is what drives us.

“The gift of hospice is its capacity to help families see how much can be shared at the end of life. It is no wonder that many families can look back upon their hospice experience with gratitude.”

- Naomi Naierman, CEO AHF